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Wooden Surface
Wooden Surface

Our story

 Once, a jolly flock of gamers attended weekly gatherings  in a merry tavern near the Alzette river. They had so much joy and fun, ate and drank and laughed and played a lot of boardgames.  The manager was a cheerful lad always concerned for the wellbeing of his folk.

One day though, fate struck hard.  A new manager appeared and decided to put an end to this happy gatherings. The jolly flock was no longer welcome and had to leave. Lost at first, a formidable idea started to grow and spread in their heads: Why not open their very own boardgame café? A place where the fun could go on. 

The idea became more concrete after one of their chums unearthed the impeccable spot, perfect in size, location and price. 

The jolly flock is now looking forward to reactivate their happy gatherings, together with any ladies and gentlemen willing to join the party.



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