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Regular events

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Weekly game night

Every Friday


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Together with our partner Social Gaming Luxembourg, we play and explain board games every Friday evening. Come and play along.


Last Thursday of the month


There is no quiz in August and December

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In teams of 4 to 6 people you will try to guess the right answers. Who knows the most? A great evening of play and fun. In Luxembourgish and English.

Weekly RPG one-shot day

Usually every weekend

Please always check Discord for details


Our game masters share their experiences and their joy in RPG (role playing games) with you. Forget everyday life and let yourself be carried away into other worlds.

Murder Mystery Dinner

What is a Murder Mystery Dinner?

It's very simple: you are part of a crime game where you have to solve a murder. Every guest in the cafe is a suspect and one is the murderer. Who is it? There is nothing more for you to do or know, just try to guess who committed the abominable deed.

Inforgettable evening with food and drinks in a convivial atmosphere.

The case:

We write the year 1982. The maid was found dead in a room. The police inspector is on the spot with his assistant. All the exits to the cafe have been sealed with tapes and the guests, that is all of you, are not allowed to leave the premises until the case is cracked!

So you see: if you want to sleep in your own bed that night, you better help the inspector finding the killer...

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We organize our upcoming events on Facebook, please go there for more details or subscribe to our newsletter.

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